CX Huddle

WHAT IS A CX Huddle?

It is an initiative by Sprinklr in association with Martechvibe. 

An in-person, closed-door boardroom edition, it is specially designed to engage selected CX and Technology leaders who have transformed businesses using technology as a catalyst. Although the leaders bring varied perspectives, experience and domain knowledge, they have the shared vision of transforming businesses with technology. The boardroom encourages open discussions amongst peers that results in a better strategy roadmap for organisations. 


In a world where excellent customer service is the key to gain a competitive edge, companies are recognising the importance of catering to the sophisticated and interconnected modern consumer. 

With digital and real-time in-person interactions vying for supremacy, the battleground for customer experience is fierce. As a brand, how do you evaluate if there is a gap in how you perceive customer experience  versus how customers do so? 

Personalisation, ease of access between channels, quality of omnichannel marketing materials, and swift service response – the seamless integration of all these elements make customers loyal and always have them coming back.

Meanwhile, customer experience and contact centres are at the heart of successful customer interactions. These teams sit on a treasure trove of data – the insights can fuel actions across product development and marketing teams. From managing customer expectations and enhancing communication channels to optimising response times and addressing specific pain points; challenges are aplenty; and they demand intuitive solutions.

Those who fail to do so risk falling behind rapidly. At this CX Huddle, we explore strategies, best practices, and insights that lay the path to exceptional customer experiences, and also foster an open and engaging platform to discuss CX and contact centre challenges. 


05:30 Welcome & Networking

06:20  Welcome Address by Martechvibe

06:25 Opening Remarks by Sprinklr

06:30 Discussion Starts

07:20 Outlook of the Leaders

07:25 Session Highlights

07:30  Dinner and Networking


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