About The Event

As conventional B2B marketing strategies take a back seat, innovation has become more of a necessity than a need. While some organisations have been able to adopt an agile and nimble mindset to ride the waves, 2021 will mark a clear "sink or swim" moment for many.

“The game has changed drastically and the B2B marketers must reimagine the buying experience and look at how to integrate their digital channels with their traditional selling motions so buyers get an integrated and seamless buying experience.”

Emerging technologies like AI and machine learning can play an important role here. They can help analyze massive data sets and provide recommendations based on buyer’s preferences.

Modern CRM and its impact on improving the quality of data or automating it to perform repetitive functions at scale and with better insights is something that will also help B2B marketers move towards spending their time towards more strategic work.

In line with the above ethos, Martechvibe and Oracle are proud to present a virtual cohort where a limited group of these marketing experts get access to a 360 discussion and practical business insights.

Focusing on the 3 Ps – Proactiveness, Personalisation & Predicitive Intelligence, this initiative will take the discussion to the ones who are meant to have all the answers while they themselves have no one to turn to except the community of their own


  • 11 : 30
    Welcome by Ravi Raman, MartechVibe
  • 11 : 35
    Welcome note by Oracle
  • 11 : 40
    Introduction and Discussion
    The attendees are formed in 4 groups of 5 leaders each and a topic is given for each of them to discuss. The group chooses a leader from amongst themselves to represent the group
  • 12 : 25
    Each group leader will talk about the key takeaways from their group discussion for all the attendees. Each group leader 2 and a half minutes each to summarize their discussion
  • 12 : 30
    End of Session

Meet our Experts

Team Image

Ravi Raman

Director - Publisher & Storytelling, Martechvibe
Team Image

Hetarth Patel

Director - Strategy and Sales Development, Strategic Accounts, Oracle

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