Winning The Race To Exceeding Customer Expectations

Exclusive C-Suite Boardroom

22nd March 2023 (5:30 – 8:30 pm )
Waldorf Astoria, Berlin  | Germany

What is a C-Suite Boardroom?

It is an initiative by Martechvibe in association with Vonage. An in-person boardroom edition specially designed to engage marketing and technology leaders who have transformed businesses using technology as a catalyst.

The meeting focuses on a group of carefully selected leaders, bringing them together to participate in an exclusive and closed-door session. The selected professionals bring varied perspectives, experience and domain knowledge but have the shared vision of transforming businesses with technology.

The boardroom encourages frank discussions amongst peers resulting in a better strategy roadmap for organisations. In the age of building peer-exchange resources, these boardrooms form a community of like-minded business leaders to explore insights, ideas and best practices.

About this Edition

Powered by machine learning, making decisions to meet your consumer needs has never been easier. Now more than ever, modern consumers care about customer experience and what they spend their money on. In order to cope with the increasing consumer standards and expectations, CX is what will keep you ahead in the pool of competition.

The way to stay ahead in an ever-changing digitising economy is by adopting the right digital CX strategies. Whether a consumer is getting in touch with you through live chat on your website, social media, or email they expect you to be able to access all their information in real time. Across these channels, there needs to be a seamless experience. The lines between business segments are blurring, creating unified consumer views across will reduce interdepartmental friction, and ensure consistent messaging.

What differentiates brands from each other nowadays is the quality of their automated CX. At this moment in time, automation is becoming a need-to-have rather than a nice-to-have. The next frontier is using predictive analytics to make decisions that break barriers between you and your consumers. Are you ready to take your CX to the next level?


05:30 pm  Welcome & Networking

06:20 pm  Welcome Address by Martechvibe

06:25 pm  Opening Remarks by Vonage

06:30 pm  Discussion Starts

07:20 pm  Outlook of the Leaders and Session Highlights

07:30 pm  End of discussion followed by Dinner & Networking

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